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3 Ways to Avoid Spilled Milk While Pumping

by Ashton Fortin Higgins, PhD, MEd, certifying cALS


No one prepares you for the loss of your hard earned milk ounces splattered all

over the floor/counter.

It happens. You just spent 30 minutes, and voilà, it's gone. Milk everywhere, you are crying, stressing, maybe even cursing. Here's 3 positions to help you save your milk.

Position 1:

Holding baby while you stand

  • Remember to bend straight, do not bend over. Lift with your legs.

  • If you need to bend, try to kneel first to get baby.

  • You can use a hip carrier on your hip to support baby if they can support their own head.

Position 2:

Sitting while playing/holding baby

  • Remember to keep your back straight.

  • Avoid bending.

  • If you need to move from place to place try getting into a kneeling position and kneel walk if possible.

Position 3:

Putting into or picking up - Crib

Putting into the crib

  • Ensure baby is in a safe place to nap/sleep.

  • Try to wait until after the pump session to move baby.

Picking up from the crib

  • Try to occupy baby until the pump session is over. Bring a few toys. Read a book.

  • Kneel next to crib to get to baby's height while maintaining a straight back.

  • If you must take baby out, try to avoid bending. Lift with your legs.

Pumping while interacting and moving with baby is a skill many exclusive pumpers have come to learn on their own. These 3 tips are great for those new to exclusive pumping.


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