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Providing a child with pumped milk is st
The Pumped Love Brand was created by Dr. Ashton Fortin Higgins, the founder of the Exclusive Pumping Institute.

Pumped Love encompasses:

1) FREE Live Judgment Free Exclusive Pumping Support Groups

2) Lactation Services to anyone who lactates. Exclusive Pumping, Nursing, Chestfeeding, Triple Feeding and Supplemental Nursing System Feeding  are all welcome. 
3) The first Canadian (Possibly even North American!) lactation brand to include inclusive lactation language on its products and/or marketing.  

4) Promote Exclusive Pumping Awareness & Advocacy

Pumped Love EP Support Groups


A Topic Every Meeting

Every meeting will start off with a theme that relates to exclusive pumping. 

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Future, Current or Past EPer?

You are welcome here! Our secured video server allows for a modern experience to communicate live with other exclusive pumpers. 

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Exclusive Pumping Advocacy is the Exclusive Pumping Institute's #1 goal. The world needs to see just how many of us are out there. 'Cause we are outstanding peeps.

There are over 100,000 exclusive pumpers out there

Exclusive Pumping is growing FAST. LIKE SUPER FAST. You are not alone. Let's do this together. Lactating isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but we want nothing more than to provide milk to our little ones.

Let Pumped Love be the brand you turn to guide and support you on your journey, no matter how many ounces, how many tears, or how long. 



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Our latest Facebook Group gives you all access to Pumped Yoga for FREE.

Dr. Ashton has spent hours going through the majority of yoga poses + desk stretches to provide you with a bit of physical activity while you pump, with no milk spillage (if done correctly).

Schedule, tips and wellbeing (mental, physical + sexual) are topics and support being offered in Exclusive Pumping, Schedule, Tips & Wellbeing Facebook group.
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